The Xenobics team have, and continue to be involved with numerous research consortiums supported by both local government and European funders.

Food Fortress

Queen’s University is helping to develop the world’s leading programme for preventing chemical contamination of the feed–food supply chain. The Institute for Global Food Security (IGFS) at Queen’s, in collaboration with the Northern Ireland Grain Trade Association (NIGTA), has established the "Food Fortress" programme, a robust, broad spectrum and cost effective initiative for...

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FoodIntegrity (Ensuring the Integrity of the European Food Chain)

The aim of FoodIntegrity is to provide Europe with a state of the art and integrated capability for detecting fraud and assuring the integrity of the food chain. Comprising an inner core of 38 project participants from industry, academia, research institutes, and a global network of stakeholders, FoodIntegrity will provide a sustainable body of expertise that can inform high level stakeholder...

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CiguaTools: Detecting Ciguatoxin – An Emerging Problem for European Waters

CiguaTools has been developed to deal with a serious emerging problem thought by many to be caused by climate change. Put in basic terms, strains of harmful marine algae which produce deadly toxins and were only associated with tropical climates are emerging in European waters. Due to the complexity of the food chain these toxins accumulate in fish. While the fish themselves show no obvious signs...

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