Xenobics helps organisations transform ideas into commercial diagnostics solutions in the shortest time possible.

Immunological Diagnostic Test Developments

Xenobics experts have years of experience taking product concepts through to commercial realisation on multiple immunological diagnostic platforms.

Our aim is to provide you with the support you need to give your product an edge in an increasingly competitive market. Like our antibody production, customers simply choose which areas and what level of support they require.

1 Surface Modifications

Getting the right surface for your diagnostic test can be critical. We understand the need for reliable and reproducible surfaces for immunological diagnostics platforms. Our experts have experience in building functionalised surfaces and the coupling of targets or their binding partners for both direct and competition based assays.

2 Assay Development

The development of both single-target and multiplexed assays can be a major undertaking. At Xenobics we have more than 40 years of combined experience and have faced and overcome many of the pitfalls first hand. We have a wealth of knowledge in assay development for ELISA, lateral flow devices, dipstick and numerous biosensor based platforms.

3 Sample Preparation

For those developing diagnostics for the agri-food supply chain, sample preparation is often critical in giving you an edge on your competitors. The complex matrices associated with food and feed can often interfere or spoil what appeared so promising in your buffer work rendering the assay unfit for purpose.

At Xenobics we are experts in developing sample preparations that present the target of interest at the concentration of interest whilst minimising the impact of superfluous matrix molecules. We can help you develop your rapid sample preparation technique for your on-site assays or help you achieve the low detection limits required for banned substances.

4 Validation

Assay validation can be a barrier to sales opportunities. Whether you require validation according to European protocols or a single laboratory validation, Xenobics will be here to help.

5 Commercialisation

Now that you have your fully validate method, the next step is to commercialise the product. Do you understand the importance of knowing, and having a handle on batch to batch variability? Have you accurately assessed your product shelf life? Have you got your literature in a user friendly, unambiguous format? Xenobics can help you overcome these final hurdles and help you deliver a reproducible and reliable product that your customers can trust.

6 Product Support

Xenobics have numerous years of experience in troubleshooting both production line issues and customer experience issues. Our knowledge means we can quickly identify and build procedures to prevent reoccurrences. We can offer support and training to both you and your customers to overcome those issues that surface when the product leaves the development lab.