Xenobics are world leading producers of polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies for targets of interest to the agri-food industry.


Xenobics Ltd offer a wide range of services to insure we can provide you with the complete solution for your antibody needs.

We are specialists in the creation of antibodies towards targets affecting the agri-food supply chain. Our experts have a proven track record in the production of both monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies towards low molecular weight targets, such as antibiotic residues and toxins.

We can provide you with the full solution or alternatively offer a modular structure where customers simply choose which level of service they require.

1 Immunogen Design and Chemistry

We can design and produce your immunogen. Low molecular weight targets can be particularly difficult to raise antibodies against. Our experts have a proven track record in designing immunogens, and performing the required chemistries, which have led to the creation of both monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies that have met customer needs in terms of specificity, cross-reactivity and sensitivity.

2 Immunogen Inoculation Programme

We can look after the immunisation programme. We will either take the immunogen designed by Xenobics, or one you have provided, and implement an inoculation programme for either monoclonal or polyclonal antibodies, depending on your requirements. We can design the inoculation programme around your particular needs.

3 Sera Screening

We can test bleeds against your specifications. There is no need for you to set aside resources for testing and no delay in results caused by the need to ship bleeds to you.

We have the facilities and expertise to screen your bleeds with your specifications in mind. We will keep you informed throughout this process allowing you to select when the inoculation programme should be terminated. Typical screening will be based on Elisa methods, however, if you have a specific platform in mind then we can look to accommodate these needs. We will typically test for immune response, inhibition, specificity, and any additional cross-reactivity as defined in your initial specifications.

Additional tests can be performed if you require.

4 Monoclonal Fusion and Hybridoma Selection

If you want monoclonal antibodies we have the expertise and facilities to perform the fusion process, hybridoma isolation and selection, all within custom built cell culturing facilities. We will use your specifications to select the most appropriate hybridoma to meet your needs. You will always have final say on which cell lines are selected for final antibody production.

5 Antibody Characterisation and Purification

Xenobics ltd. has the expertise and facilities to characterise your antibodies. We can supply you with batch matched aliquots of purified antibody.

6 Cell Line Repository and Reliable Antibody Supply

We are here to help protect all your precious cell lines and antibody supplies whether produced by Xenobics or elsewhere. We offer customers the opportunity to store all their cell lines, no matter the producer, in our secure facilities. Customers can then be confident that their precious cell lines are protected. They simply contact us when they require additional antibody and we can remove their cell line from storage and produce the required amount of purified antibody in secure cell culturing facilities.