Xenobics are world leaders in the field of antibody production and testing for the agri-food supply chain.


Xenobics offer:

Specialists in developing antibodies and diagnostic solutions for food/feed safety, security and authenticity.

A modular service structure - enabling you to customise your project with us.

Xenobics is an independent spin out company
from the Institute for Global Food Security (IGFS)
at Queen’s University Belfast.


The research conducted at the Institute is globally driven with impacts around the world. Researchers, working across many scientific disciplines, track and prevent accidental and deliberate chemical and microbiological contamination of crops, animal feeds and foods. In the 2014 UK Research Excellence Framework IGFS was rated No.1 for Agriculture, Veterinary and Food science on research intensity.

More About Xenobics

World class expertise in developing polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies for food/feed safety, quality and security applications.

Formed in October 2014 we have extensive experience in assay development, validation and commercialisation.

Access to numerous immunological platforms including ELISA, LFDs and multiple biosensor platforms.

Scientists at the forefront of research into food/feed safety, security and authenticity, and also nutrient supplementation for alleviation of chronic human diseases.

We place ongoing, practical research
at the heart of our ethos

Ongoing Research Includes

Novel binders for diagnostics on both portable and benchtop analytical platforms.

Bio-physical techniques (e.g. Raman spectroscopy) as a remote confirmation of food/feed authenticity.

Pre-clinical evaluation of nutritional supplements which aid/alleviate Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative diseases